Busta Readies "Grinch" Track, New Video

These are busy, busy days for Busta Rhymes.

The rapper-turned-actor recently put the finishing touches on his fourth LP, "Anarchy," and is scheduled to hit the studio soon with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst and former Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip to record an as-yet-untitled track for the soundtrack to the upcoming live action big screen adaptation of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." The track already features vocals from actor, contortionist, and "Grinch" star Jim Carrey. Sultry singer Mariah Carey and pop princess Christina Aguilera are also slated to drop vocals for the upcoming album, which is due out by year's end.

As for Busta's next masterwork, the rapper told MTV News that "Anarchy" will boast guest appearances by DMX and Jay-Z on a track titled "Why We Die," and spots from Wu-Tang's Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, as well as the newest Flipmode Squad member Roc Marciano (who replaced Lord Have Mercy) on a track called "The Heist."

As we previously

reported, the album will also feature the input of Lenny Kravitz, Swizz Beatz, Rampage, M.O.P., DJ Shok from Ruff Ryders, Jay Dee from The Ummah, Nottz, and DJ Scratch (see "Busta Prepares For 'Anarchy' With Kravitz, More").

The result of all that creative cross-pollination will surface when "Anarchy" arrives on June 20. Busta recently shot the first video from the album, "Get Out Of Here," and the clip is expected to hit the air this week.

While keeping his musical career charging forward, Busta is also pushing his acting career along nicely. Busta will hit the silver screen just four days before the release of "Anarchy" (that's June 16 for the math-impaired), portraying Samuel L. Jackson's sidekick in the remake of the blaxploitation classic "Shaft."

"I'm Samuel L. Jackson's right-hand man. I'm Shaft's right-hand man," Busta told MTV News recently. "My name is Rasaan, and I'm pretty much the dude that sticks with his homeboy through thick and thin. I go through whatever ropes, battles in the trenches, scratches on the knees, whatever it's got to be. I'm there for my dog, and I'm pretty much going to hold him down through whatever it is, regardless of what it costs me." [RealVideo]

As we previously reported, Busta has also signed on to star in the upcoming Sean Connery film "Finding Forrester" alongside Lil' Zane. "It's a movie about my little brother getting accepted into an Ivy league school on scholarship," Busta reported. "Our family is from the Bronx, and he gets caught up in stereotypical obstacles that we all have to support him through. Sean Connery has something in common with my little brother, because he went through

similar experiences with

what he was doing. Pretty much he has to help my brother through the situation where if he wasn't there to help him through it, he wouldn't have been okay in the end." [RealVideo]

If you are preparing your Busta calendar of events, his video for "Get Out Of Here" should arrive this week, "Shaft" hits theaters on June 16, "Anarchy" arrives in stores on June 20, "Finding Forrester" is due this Christmas, and the "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" soundtrack has yet to be attached to a release date.