Bushwick Bill Files $20 Million Suit After Club Beat-Down

Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill has filed a $20 million lawsuit against several defendants -- including the hardcore group's former record label, Noo Trybe Records -- claming he was attacked in an incident that occurred on August 28 at a Houston comedy club.

The 31-year-old Bill, whose given name is Richard Shaw, said he was beaten by several Noo Trybe employees while attempting to leave a show at the Jus Joking Comedy Cafe. The diminutive Bushwick, who stands at 3 foot 8 inches, also stated that he was assaulted by two 6-foot men who outweighed the rapper by some 60 to 70 pounds following a verbal exchange.

Bill's civil suit also names the club, its security officers -- who were off-duty police officers -- and Noo Trybe's parent company, Virgin Records, as co-defendants. According to Bill's attorney, Ron Wilson, the rapper also plans to pursue criminal charges against several parties in regard to the matter.

On August 24, a few days prior to the alleged assault, Noo Trybe

Records filed a suit of its own against Bushwick Bill, claiming that the rapper was still contractually obligated to the label.

On Wednesday, the Jamaican-born rapper is scheduled to appear on the Howard Stern radio show, where the self-anointed King of All Media is certain to ask about the comedy club melee.

Bill's new album, "No Surrender... No Retreat," is scheduled to be released on October 27.