Gavin and Gwen to Marry?

April 18 [12:00 EST] -- Gavin Rossdale may have spilled the beans confirming a pending marriage to No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani in a Canadian television interview yesterday.

Immediately following a rather disjointed press conference in Toronto announcing the resolution of a name disagreement in that country, a reporter from the Canadian music channel MuchMusic asked Rossdale in a one-on-one interview, "Are you getting married?"

"Yes," nodded Rossdale. "We're getting along fine."

The hordes of broken-hearted women hearing the news can only hope that Rossdale misunderstood the question. Representatives for Bush were not immediately available for comment.

The Brit pop-rockers have been called Bush X in Canada due to a legal tussle with a moderately successful Canadian band with the same moniker. The original Bush disbanded in the early 70's. Guitarist Domenic Troiano, also known for his work in The Guess Who and the James Gang, retained the rights to the

name and went on to a successful Canadian solo career.

Troiano didn't initially take action to ensure the exclusivity of the name "Bush" until he heard that he could possibly be prevented from re-issuing his band's first and only album on CD as planned.

"It was left in the hands of lawyers rather than us talking about it," said Rossdale, who seemed genuinely concerned that the miscommunication caused problems for Troiano. He seemed equally unconcerned that Universal Records had been forced to re-do all logo graphics and other material at considerable expense for the Canadian market.

No money changed limbs from Bush to Bush, but the wealthier version, the British band, has sold a million records in Canada, their highest selling market on a per capita basis in the world.

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