Bush's Nigel Pulsford To Release Solo Album Online

Bush will preview songs from its new album, "The Science of Things," while playing the Digital Club Festival in New York City next month -- around the same time that the band's guitarist, Nigel Pulsford, plans to release his solo debut album on the Web.

Entitled "Heavenly Toast on the Paradise Road," Pulsford's solo record will be available exclusively through the online site www.collectingdust.com at the end of July. There are currently no plans to release the 12-track record via normal retail outlets.

Pulsford cut the album, which includes such songs as "Deep in the Water," "What Would You Think," and "Rock Type Thing" over the past year in studios in Nashville and London.

Bush will play a three-night stand at New York City's Irving Plaza on July 21-23, then wrap up its U.S. stint with an appearance at the Woodstock '99 Music Festival in Rome, New York on July 25.

Bush's third studio album, "The Science

of Things," is due out this fall.