Bush Plans New Video As Album Arrives

Their new album doesn't arrive until Tuesday, and the alt-rockers of Bush have already scored a number one hit and are mapping out their follow-up.

The band's new album, "The Science Of Things," spawned a number one modern rock track with "The Chemicals Between Us," and now Bush hopes to keep the ball rolling with "Jesus Online." Frontman Gavin Rossdale and company will head to Los Angeles later this week to meet up with director Hype Williams to shoot a video for the track.

On its way to becoming "Billboard" magazine's number one modern rock track, "The Chemicals Between Us" earned the distinction of being added by every alternative station that reports to the radio industry trade mag "R&R" in one week. For the video for that track, the band turned to director Stephane Sedanoui (Alanis Morissette, Bjork, Fiona Apple, R.E.M., Garbage, Red Hot Chili Peppers), and the result has found its way onto MTV's "Total Request Live" numerous times.

As we reported earlier this

month, Bush will try to up the buzz on the Tuesday release of "The Science Of Things" with appearances on Howard Stern's morning radio show as well as "TRL." If you rush out to buy "Science" on Tuesday, here's what you'll find:

  • "Warm Machine"
  • "Jesus Online"
  • "The Chemicals Between Us"
  • "English Fire"
  • "Spacetravel"
  • "40 Miles From The Sun"
  • "Prizefighter"
  • "The Disease of the Dancing Cats"
  • "Altered States"
  • "Dead Meat"
  • "Letting The Cables Sleep"
  • "Mindchanger"