Bush On Playing "Science" Songs Live... And Gavin's Hair

Sure, Bush has just released its first new album in three years, "The Science Of Things," sporting a new, experimental sound. Sure, the band is preparing to kick off a full U.S. tour next year.

Interesting points all... though what inquiring minds really want to know is, what's up with frontman Gavin Rossdale's red hairdo? Gavin, along with guitarist Nigel Pulsford, recently spoke with MTV News about just that (and a little bit about music as well).

On the topic of his new coiffure, Rossdale joked, "The rest of me was on fire, so it seemed silly not to follow suit [with my hair]."

"We held him down and someone did it to him," Pulsford dished.

"The Science Of Things" hit stores on Tuesday, and Rossdale told MTV News that combining the post-grunge of Bush's 1994 debut "Sixteen Stone" and the electronic sounds from the new album actually makes for a more exciting live


"I like the way they all fit together," Rossdale began. "And they fit together pretty good. Like, we didn't know how it would be, but it was a good surprise, seeing how they all fit together good."

He added, "And by the time we come out with a full show next year, and we start the end of the year in Europe, but next year here, it's just going to be a really wicked dynamic show, incorporating all those different parts of us." [RealVideo]

Bush will head back to its home country for a U.K. tour that kicks off on November 17 and is scheduled to run to the end of the month. Before the band departs, it will film a video for its next single, "Jesus Online," in Los Angeles with director Hype Williams (see "Bush Plans New Video As Album Arrives").