"Buena Vista Social Club" Spawns Book

After helping viewers get lost in world of Cuba's Son Musicians with his Academy Award-nominated documentary "Buena Vista Social Club," Wim Wenders is now bringing the musicians' words and images to bookstores.

Wim and Donata Wenders' companion book to "Buena Vista Social Club" will arrive in stores next month, bringing with it images of the musicians and their native land. Song lyrics and interviews are also sandwiched between portraits of singer Ibrahim Ferrer, pianist Rubin Gonzalez, guitarist Eliades Ochoa, and others immortalized in Wenders' 1999 film.

Ry Cooder, the musician who brought U.S. attention to Cuba's Son Musicians with the 1997 album "Buena Vista Social Club," turns up as well, riding a motorcycle through the streets of a Cuban village with his son Joachim.

Universally praised, Wenders' film was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at Sunday night's Academy Awards, though it lost to "One Day In September." The film provides a portrait

of the aforementioned musicians and follows them as they leave Cuba for an engagement at New York's Carnegie Hall.

The book will begin arriving in stores over the next few weeks.