Colleague Remembers Jeff Buckley; Family Plans Memorial Service

June 6 [10:00 EDT] -- As we first reported Thursday morning, the grim answer to the mystery surrounding the singer/songwriter's disappearance last week came early Wednesday evening when Buckley's body was spotted by tourists on a Memphis riverboat.

The 30-year-old artist was in Memphis working on his next studio effort, and leaves behind only one full-length album, 1994's critically acclaimed "Grace." ["So Real" Video, 1.2MB QuickTime]

Ex-Captain Beefheart guitarist Gary Lucas, who worked with Buckley on "Grace," remembers the young entertainer as a gifted and driven artist.

"Generally, if I left him alone anything that he would come up with, I could trust him that it would be brilliant. He had the goods," Lucas told MTV News. "The way that we worked together frequently, I would just give him music, guitar music, with all the motifs and chords and structures to the things, and

he would come back, sometimes in a couple of weeks, sometimes in a month or two, but when he came up to do his parts, they would always be perfect." [1.1MB QuickTime]

Details about a memorial service for Buckley are due in a week or two, and the singer's family hopes to hold the service next month.