Buckley Album Release Date, Track Listing Set

Jeff Buckley fans will finally get to hear his last studio sessions on May 5 when Columbia Records releases a two-CD set called "Sketches (for my sweetheart, the drunk)."

Buckley's mother assembled the songs on "Sketches," and she also enlisted the help of Buckley's band and his friends, including Soundgarden's Chris Cornell.

Buckley, you may recall, drowned in a Memphis marina, where his body was found on May 29 of last year.

At the time of his death, Buckley was working on a follow-up to his breakthrough album, "Grace," and had already finished recording several songs with his band and producer Tom Verlaine in studios in Memphis and New York.

Disc one features 10 songs from those studio sessions, including "The Sky Is A Landfill," which Buckley had performed in concert. Meanwhile, disc two features four-track home recordings Buckley made in Memphis after his bandmates had flown back to New York. The disc features the rough sketches of new songs and covers

he had hoped to include on the album. The second disc of the set also features more refined versions of older songs he intended for the album.

Here's what fans will find on "Sketches":

disc one

  • "The Sky Is A Landfill"
  • "Everybody Here Wants You"
  • "Witches' Rave"
  • "Morning Theft"
  • "New Year's Prayer"
  • "Yard Of Blonde Girls"
  • "Opened Once"
  • "Vancouver"
  • "Nightmares by the Sea"
  • "You & I"

disc two

  • "Nightmares by the Sea"
  • "New Year's Prayer"
  • "Haven't You Heard"
  • "I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be)"
  • "Murder Suicide Meteor Slave"
  • "Back In New York City"
  • "Demon John"
  • "Your Flesh Is So Nice"
  • "Jewel Box"
  • "Satisfied Mind"