Buckcherry's Close Encounters With Kid Rock

The tattooed, teased-haired L.A. rockers of Buckcherry, whose hit song "Lit Up" extols the virtues of a certain white substance, have had a few close encounters of a Kid Rock kind.

When Kid Rock's guitarist Jason Krause injured himself during an Omaha radio festival in early June, Buckcherry's Yogi was inspired to jump onstage and offer his services as a sub. The only problem was, he didn't know any of Kid Rock's songs.

That wasn't the first time the two acts' paths crossed, however. In Buckcherry's early days, guitarist Keith Nelson and singer Joshua Todd had another gig with the Kid and his extremely expressive fans.

"We did one show with Kid Rock," Keith recalled to MTV News, "and it was in Orlando, Florida... and we didn't realize that the fan salute was the middle finger. So when we're playing there, these kids were giving us the finger, and we're like, wow."

"Which we really love,

but we thought it was a negative thing until later," Joshua added. "We were giving out these free two-song tapes, and we gave away about two hundred of those that night. It was great. It was a really great response." [RealVideo]

The "Lit Up" guys filmed the video for their next single, "Check Your Head," on Tuesday in Los Angeles, and they're currently on tour with Fuel (see "Fuel Taps Buckcherry For U.S. Tour"). The band is expected to announce additional tour plans with Lenny Kravitz in the near future, but those plans have not yet been confirmed.