Bobby Brown Sounds Off On Babyface, New Edition

KURT: And in tube news, teen singer and sitcom star Brandy makes her TV movie debut on Sunday night, playing the title role in a new production of "Cinderella," with Whitney Houston as her fairy godmother. It's the first production by Brownhouse, a company owned by Houston and her husband, singer Bobby Brown. Speaking of Brown, he stopped by the MTV studios here in New York on Wednesday to talk up his new album, "Forever," and, as it turned out, to sandbag some fellow performers, including his wife's most renowned producer, for apparently failing to meet the Bobby Brown standard for excellence in entertainment.

BOBBY BROWN: L.A. and Babyface, they were artists before, but they lost it somewhere. I don't know what happened. They became businessmen, so the music part of it isn't as important. 'Face [Babyface] writes the same song over and over, he takes one song and he's made a whole career out of it. Off of just one song. 'Face? You gonna write some new stuff? "Shoop, shoop."

MTV: Having established himself as possibly the first performer to find Babyface lacking in chops, Brown moved on to his old colleagues in New Edition, small timers he decided, after the group's brief reunion tour last year.

BROWN: Six people in a group and you're getting 100,000 a night. I make 100,000 by myself. So it's like splitting it five other ways, you end up with not too much of the pie. I got kids to support, I got a family to support, I got a wife that's like this (makes a gesture of largeness), and then I'm working with something that's this small, when I'm like this (repeats largeness gesture) also. It just didn't work out for me, you know. I can't be a part of anything that doesn't want to grow. If they don't know about what works, what it takes to become successful, to sell the multi-million albums, if they don't know and another person knows, then you should listen to that other person. They didn't listen to me, it's like I was saying things, that were a waste

of breath. And for me, I take this very seriously, I take entertainment very serious. It's not just a job (turns to the camera), it's an adventure!

KURT: Mr. Sunshine himself, Bobby Brown.