Usher, Bobby Brown Spread The Love

November 6 [14:00 EDT] -- If Bobby Brown seemed a bit nasty last week when he questioned the talents of Babyface and his New Edition bandmates on MTV News, you'll be glad to know that there's at least one music maker out there that makes Brown's A-list: Usher.

In a number of recent interviews, the teen R&B phenom has cited Brown as an influence on his singing and dancing, telling MTV News, "To be a good dancer, and to be a great dancer, it takes practice, you know what I mean. People like Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, they really studied... Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, just to name a couple of people that are true entertainers and legends."

Apparently the Usher/Brown relationship has its rewards as the young singer has the number two single in the country with "You Make Me Wanna" [700k QuickTime], and Brown finds himself tagged with "legend" status.

"It's a great compliment," Brown told MTV News. "I feel like I'm old now. I feel like I'm legendary. I'm a living legend now, but it's great [425k QuickTime]. I'm glad to see they're doing something with their lives. They're all my students, you know. Especially Usher, he was in my camp so you know, he's great."

Next up for Usher will be a video shoot for his colleague and producer Jermaine Dupri. The Atlanta-based producer is going the Puffy route and is shooting the video for his first solo single, "The Party Continues." The track will feature vocals by Usher and Da Brat.