Meredith Brooks Talks About Stones Incident

After being driven from the stage in Buenos Aires while opening for the Stones two weeks ago, Meredith Brooks is now beginning to publicly comment on the incident.

Brooks, whose face has been splashed across Argentine newpapers since the incident, has come forward to speak out against the violence directed towards her as both misogynist and a dangerous example of the violence created by a mob mentality.

"I just keep thinking that God didn't bring me down here to play for the Stones," Brooks told the El Rayo news agency, "I guess he brought me down here to say that this was wrong and people have to make it right." [800k Quicktime]

As we previously reported (see "Meredith Brooks Booed Off Stones Stage, Simple Minds Added To Croatia"), Brooks was booed and pelted with objects by an audience restless to see the Stones.


happened to Brooks is not the first time openers for the Stones have been greeted unfavorably, as both Prince and Guns n' Roses have been forced offstage by similar audience reactions in the past.