Warren G And Garth Brooks Reach Agreement On Letter "G"

Ain't nothin' to this "g" thing, baby.

Rapper Warren G and country star Garth Brooks have amicably settled their trademark litigation suits over the letter "g."

In an official press release announcing the settlement, Brooks stated, "I learned from Warren G and Wrong G (his manager) that the letter 'g' has a special significance to them and to some members of their community in that it symbolizes kids and young people that have risen above drugs and violence and who are worthy of respect because of their positive contributions to the world."

As we previously reported (see "Warren G Suit Against Garth Brooks Over 'G' Will Go On"), just last month a California judge ruled that the rapper could pursue a suit over Brooks' use of the lower-case letter, which the country star had used in advertising and merchandising for his recent U.S. tour.

The release also stated that both Brooks and Warren G shared common goals

and believed that there was no reason to continue fighting over a "positive symbol." The specifics of the agreement were being kept confidential.