Master P, Spice Girls Weigh In With Super Tuesday Predictions

Though Master P's No Limit Records manages to put out albums at a feverish pace, the label didn't contribute to last week's Super Tuesday release mania.

No Limit took a week off from issuing any new material, even though the label still has five records coming out before the end of the year, while Master P continued to focus on his blossoming basketball career.

But Master P's "Basketball Jones" didn't stop him from predicting that Ice Cube would be a contender in the race for number one when SoundScan's sales figures are released tomorrow.

"I think Cube [will be big]," P said, "and I'm gonna give him a run for his money, you know. I like the stuff that Cube's been doin', though. I think Priority [Records] did a real good job helping Ice Cube's new record hit. It's been a long time and a lot of people are waiting for this record, so it just goes to show you that hip-hop can compete.

I mean, a long time ago, who could compete with a Garth Brooks record? Nobody." [28.8 RealVideo]

Another group who knows a thing or two about scoring big on the charts is the Spice Girls, and when Mel C and Emma stopped by the MTV studios recently to premiere the Girls' new video for "Goodbye," they offered their take on who the big winners of Super Tuesday might be.

"Oh, Garth Brooks [will win]," Mel C said, "he sells bucketloads doesn't he? We haven't even heard him in England, have we?"

"No," Emma replied, "but we saw him, where was it?"

"Billboard [Music Awards] last year," Mel C said, "in Vegas."

"Yeah," Emma said,

"oh, he's bound to be one of the tops."

"And Whitney," added Mel C, "it's nice to see another album from Whitney. It's been quite a while [since her last record], hasn't it?" [28.8 RealVideo]

The Spice Girls are expected to deliver its Christmas single in stores on December 8, while the expectant Spices are due to deliver their progeny early next year -- with Posh due in February and Scary due in March.