Brian Jonestown Massacre Weigh In On CMJ Vs. SXSW

This year's annual CMJ MusicFest brought hundreds of bands to New York City, to perform in front of industry mavens and leer before media reps from across the country, but that isn't to suggest that all of the groups in attendance were fledgling newcomers.

One of the more interesting phenomenon surrounding such fests comes when some groups, such as the San Francisco-based Brian Jonestown Massacre, come to CMJ in hopes of infusing new life in records that have been on the store shelves for a while

For the Massacre -- whose name pays homage to the late Rolling Stones guitarist and the equally late cult leader Jim Jones, who convinced 900 of his followers to commit mass suicide some 20 years ago -- CMJ actually marks the second American music conference they've attended this year.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre was also present at the South By Southwest fest, held in March in Austin, Texas, and talked about the differences between the two.

"This is America," assessed frontman Anton Newcombe, "This is the Big Apple. I don't know what they call Austin. The little chili? I don't know. The big steak? The giant hat? South By Southwest was a blast this year for us, although I thought the bill was kind of weak, just in general. There weren't a lot of great, great bands playing, and it seemed like most people were hanging out at the Four Seasons rather than at the shows -- and they jacked the price up. This seems to be a little better, a lot of people seem more excited . You hear people in the street, talking about how tired they are from going out. It's just a wonderful setting." [28.8 RealVideo]

The new album from the Brian Jonestown Massacre, "Strung Out in Heaven," was released in June, and the band is currently taking a break from touring while working up material for its next record.