Breeders Return For "Mod Squad," Join Everlast, Alana Davis, Crash Test Dummies On Soundtrack

The Breeders, Lauryn Hill, Alana Davis, the Crash Test Dummies, and Curtis Mayfield are among the artists who have contributed songs to the upcoming soundtrack for "The Mod Squad," the motion picture update of the '60s TV series starring Claire Danes, Omar Epps and Josh Brolin.

The real surprise of the album is the inclusion of "Collage," the first new Breeders tune to be released in over five years, and which seems to indicate that the recording difficulties that have plagued sisters Kim and Kelly Deal, who've been working on material on and off for the last year and a half, may finally be coming to an end.

Sources close to the band indicated that the song had been laid down at sessions fairly recently and that its label, Elektra Records, was hopeful of eventually releasing a new Breeders album, the very long-awaited follow-up to 1993's "The Last Splash."

Other notable contributions to "The Mod Squad" include a duet between Curtis Mayfield and Lauryn Hill on "Here But I'm

Gone," a song which marks the second time within a year that Hill has produced a track for an R&B legend. The Fugees frontwoman also handled production duties for Aretha Franklin's 1998 hit, "A Rose Is Still a Rose."

The first single from "The Mod Squad" will be from urban folkster Alana Davis, who revisits Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home." Gerald Levert and Lil' Mo also get into the spirit of reworking some vintage tunes for the soundtrack, and offer up a cover of Todd Rundgren's classic '70s single, "Hello It's Me."

Meanwhile, the Crash Test Dummies and rappers SX10 -- the new group featuring Cypress Hill's Sen Dog -- offer previews to their upcoming records with a "Keep a Lid on Things" and "Goin' Crazy," respectively.

"The Mod Squad" is due on screens April 2, with the accompanying soundtrack to arrive in stores a week earlier. The track listing for "The Mod Squad" album:

  • Busta Rhymes - "Tear Da Roof Off"
  • Everlast - "Ends"
  • Alana Davis -

    "Can't Find My Way Home"

  • Curtis Mayfield w/ Lauryn Hill - "Here But I'm Gone"
  • Crash Test Dummies - "Keep a Lid on Things"
  • SX10 - "Goin' Crazy"
  • Bjork - "Alarm Call (Remix)"
  • Gerald Levert feat Lil' Mo - "Hello It's Me" I
  • van Matias - "Messin' Around"
  • The Breeders - "Collage"
  • Chocolate Milk- "Action Speaks Louder Than Words"
  • Morphine - "You're An Artist"
  • Skerik and the Keefus Trio - "My Favorite Things"