Breakbeat Era Prepares For U.S. Tour; Talks Nonsense Origins Of "Ultra-Obscene"

Bristol, England's own Breakbeat Era, a drum and bass trio that includes DJ and producer Roni Size and his Reprazent collaborator DJ Die, are hoping for a big break in the States after making Top 40 headway in the U.K. with the debut album "Ultra-Obscene."

According to the trio's vocalist Leonie Laws, the title-track single (the group's first in the U.S.) is a crafty little number that evolved after a long day and an even longer night in the studio... and just a few syllables.

"I didn't have any words, I wasn't finished, and I kind of vaguely made an arrangement and left the boys in [the studio] overnight," Laws told MTV News. "They nearly went crazy, listening to me going 'ehh, ahh, ooh' for about eight hours while they were creating all the dynamics of the song in the end."

They came to me in the morning," she continued,

"and said, 'You are saying a word. If you can't tell us it, we will kill you here and now. [We'll] eat you.' No, I'm joking. And I said, "Right. It's 'ultra-obscene.'" [RealVideo]

Breakbeat Era (and its live four-piece backing band) will kick off a U.S. tour at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, which takes place March 25-29. The album "Ultra-Obscene" was released in the U.S. in September.