Toni Braxton Talks About New Single, Video

TABITHA: Toni Braxton has made a darn good living singing love songs since her debut album shot up the charts in 1993. Her latest boy meets girls ditties, "You're Making Me High" and "Un-Break My Heart," both went platinum and won Grammys but now, Braxton is trying something new, sort of. Her new single is called "I Don't Want To (Sing Another Love Song)" and on Tuesday she took off a day from touring to shoot the video. We tagged along to see if she was serious.

TONI BRAXTON: Today, I'm shooting the third single from the album. It's a song that R. Kelly wrote, it's called "I Don't Want To," and in parentheses, (Sing Another Love Song), which is kinda how I feel. Kinda burned out from singin' these love songs. I actually said those words to him, I said "Rob, you know what, I'm so tired of singing sad love songs," so he wrote a song about it!

MTV: Joining Toni Braxton on the video shoot for "I Don't Want To" is red hot video director Billie Woodruff, the

mastermind behind the two previous clips from her album "Secrets".

BRAXTON: He has a way of incorporating my ideas, I'll tell him "Bille, this is what I feel" and he can bring it to life on camera. So that's what I like about working with Bille. He lets you see what I see and what I feel in my head and in my heart. I didn't really want the video to be sad with raindrops and thunderstorms (laughing) and things like that.

BILLIE WOODRUFF, Director: It's like "Oh God, how do I do another video you know, for a sad song?" and she kinda came up with this idea, to kinda do it in her bathroom and go through things she normally would go through if she were feeling kinda sad. I'm in the bathroom and I'm wandering and pondering and I'm stressed and I'm upset, and I'm thinking about my guy. And I'm putting on some make-up and I'm changing my clothes and I'm putting on these different wigs I'm kinda giving myself a kind of pedicure kind of...

It's kinda like a little bit

of campy fun. There's a little Brillo pad thing that's happening, that she actually really does!

MTV: Although we're not exactly sure how many people actually massage their feet with steel wool, we do know that the bathroom video location is getting pretty clogged up; with Toni Braxton joining the likes of Tony Rich, No Doubt and Jewel.

BRAXTON: Now why did you tell me that? I didn't think about them doing it! In the bathroom you feel a sense of, of being alone and doing whatever you want in your own dwelling, in your own little space, so I think that's what bathrooms allow us to feel. It could be the library sometimes, it could be the beauty parlor... [there are] dual purposes there.

MTV: Even though this simple one shot video requires endless retakes to make sure it's star hits all of her marks, the director doesn't seem to mind.

WOODRUFF: It's kinda easy for me, you know 'cause I get to

walk away from here and just go "Which take do you like?"

TABITHA: No editing necessary... Gotta love that. And by the way, don't throw away your pumice stone just yet. We ran that exfoliating method by a podiatrist who told us that scrubbing your feet with steel wool may not be such a good idea. If steel wool fibers got into a crack in your skin, your feet could get infected.