Toni Braxton Leaves The Bathroom For New Video

April 23 [7:55 EST] -- It's almost been a year since the release of her second album, "Secrets," but soul songtress Toni Braxton is just now getting around to releasing a third single from the album.

The video and single for Braxton's treatment of the R. Kelly penned "I Don't Want To" hit the airwaves recently, but the version of the clip presently airing on MTV is quite different from the one Braxton was shooting when MTV News visited the set in Miami just over a month ago.

For one, the video now airing on MTV is not the one-take bathroom meditation on foot hygiene Braxton was shooting in Miami.

Her record label says Braxton, who co-directed the first shoot with Billie Woodruff, made a "creative decision" to scrap the first shoot in favor of a simpler, non-bathroom video (also shot by Woodruff).

So what made her change her mind? No comment from her record label, but maybe it had something to do with the power of suggestion.

When MTV News visited

the first set, a reporter pointed out that Jewel, Tony Rich, and No Doubt had already started a mini-trend by using bathrooms as video backdrops.

"Now why did you tell me that?" Braxton laughingly responded. "I didn't think about them doing it! So maybe the video will be a little different by the time it's at MTV." [900k QuickTime]