Boyz II Men Take "Evolution" To The People

September 24 [10:00 EDT] -- The fall album season got into full swing Tuesday with the release of Boyz II Men's "Evolution," which saw the group unveil a new look, and a familiar sound ["4 Seasons Of Loneliness" Video, 1.2MB QuickTime], to their fans during a marathon string of in-store appearances.

As we reported earlier this week, the Boyz kicked of a string of international meet-n-greets Sunday in London, and then brought its "Evolution" to New York and Los Angeles.

"Along with the musical evolution, there definitely has to be a visual evolution with Boyz II Men," Boyz' Nathan Morris told MTV News during a stop at in New York City. "('4 Seasons Of Loneliness') is one of the most different videos we've ever done, we like the way it turned out, and we hope to do more in that fashion." [1MB QuickTime]

So how are fans reacting

to the newly "evolved" Boyz II Men?

If the crowd that turned out at New York's Virgin Megastore Monday at midnight for a BIIM autograph session is any indication, things seem to be going just fine.

"A lot of people came out, thank God," Wanya Morris said of the reception the group found waiting for them in New York. "It showed that people still want to hear and see Boyz II Men. That's something that we were kind of scared of. Fortunately, they vibe off of, not only the album and the song that they hear and the single, '4 Seasons,' but they vibe off of Boyz II Men."