Boyz II Men Support New Album

Boyz II Men seemed to be appearing everywhere this week as part of a 48-hour, trans-Atlantic record store tour in support of its new album, "Evolution," which has already yielded a number two hit with the single, "Four Seasons of Loneliness." The group started at midnight on Sunday in the big HMV store in London, reappeared Monday night at a Virgin outlet in New York's Times Square, and concluded, on Tuesday evening, at Tower Records in Los Angeles.

WANYA MORRIS: We just finished an in-store signing at the Virgin Megastore. A lot of people came out, thank God. It showed that people still want to hear and see Boyz II Men. That's something that we were kind of scared of. Fortunately, they vibe off of, not only the album and the song that they hear and the single, "Four Seasons," but they vibe off of Boyz II Men.

FAN: Now, the real reason I'm here is that I wrote Boyz II Men a song and here it is (holds up a tape to the camera), and I'm going to give it to them today, and

hopefully next year, they'll be singing it.

FAN 2: "Four Seasons of Loneliness." It's really nice, I like it. The video's really, it's out there, it grabs your attention. It's like, wow, woah!

NATHAN MORRIS: We tried to establish the individual identities of each person, experience the different seasons.

Along with the musical evolution, there definitely has to be a visual evolution. And this is one of the most different videos we've ever done. We liked the way it turned out, and we hope to do more in that fashion.

Boyz II Men: they're back. That's it for this edition of "The Week In Rock." Do join us next week, when we'll be back with Master P, a look at the new records of fall, and yet another big thing from England, The Verve. We'll see you next week.