Boyz II Men Help Out With Anti-Smoking Campaign

Keep an eye out for a new government anti-teen-smoking campaign coming up soon, starring Boyz II Men. It appears to consist mainly of a poster showing Boyz II Men and the slogan "Smoke-Free -- It's the new evolution." What impact this inscrutable slogan is likely to have on teen smokers is hard to say, but it is a nice government-financed promo for the group's new album, which is called "Evolution." Next month, Boyz II Men will journey to Oslo, Norway, home of the Nobel Prizes, where they'll host a tribute concert for this year's Nobel winners. Co-hosting that event with Boyz II Men will be Victoria's Secret underwear model Stephanie Seymour, who, by the way, has just let it be known that she's joined the international struggle against land mines, and not a moment too soon.