Culture Club Preparing To Tour

The publication says the band has been approached by the William Morris Agency and quotes the band's manager, Tony Gordon, as saying that the European dates will most likely be in and around June and July. Roughly 50 shows are expected to be booked Stateside, he adds.

It's not known at press time if the reunion involves all four original members. Culture Club was fronted by the flamboyant Boy George and included Roy Hay on guitar, Mikey Craig on bass, and drummer Jon Moss. They formed in 1981 and reached the No. 1 slot shortly after with the hit, "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me." They disbanded acrimoniously in 1986 when a relationship between Boy George and Moss disintegrated and the British tabs revealed the singer's heroin addiction.

Boy George went on to kick his habit and currently records solo and works as a high-profile DJ and record producer on the British dance circuit. Craig also chose to work behind the scenes while Hays and Moss went on to perform in other

bands. None of the individuals have come anywhere close to matching the success of Culture Club.