Veruca Salt Praises David Bowie

March 18 [10:00 EST] -- If you haven't gotten enough via his 50th birthday concert, his new album, or his recent entry into the world of high finance, you can get even more David Bowie on the new Veruca Salt album, of all places.

Bowie turns up in a song title on the album "Eight Arms To Hold You" which takes its name from the original title for the second Beatles movie, "Help."

The song in question is called, subtly enough, "With David Bowie," and Veruca leaders Nina Gordon and Louise Post recently explained Bowie's influence on their chosen profession.

"People probably take this for granted now, but when we were little kids, you couldn't just walk down the street and listen to music because Walkmen, I'm dating myself but whatever, Walkmen weren't invented yet," Gordon told MTV.

"Walkmen were invented in the early 80s, and it was the coolest thing. Suddenly, you could walk to school and listen to your favorite bands.

href="../../mov/v/" >So, I just walked to school thinking about, fantasizing about being with David Bowie or being a rock star myself like David Bowie. And that kind of confusion, like, do I just want to be with him, or do I want to be him?" (QuickTime, 1.4MB)

"Wanting to get close to his, or the generic idol's greatness," Post added.

Veruca Salt opens for Bush for six weeks starting this Thursday night in Miami.