Bowie Packs Schedule To Visit "10 Spot"

October 15 [14:00 EDT] -- It turns out that David Bowie made a number of sacrifices when he filled in for the Rolling Stones on MTV's maiden broadcast of "Live From The 10 Spot."

Bowie agreed to perform on the new weekly live concert series after Stones frontman Mick Jagger fell ill, and the band was forced to postpone the date.

In agreeing to take the stage, Bowie not only missed his wedding anniversary, but tacked another show onto an already heavy schedule.

Bowie told MTV News. "This is gonna' put five shows in a row, I think, without a break, but we're stoked. I mean, we're very excited about it."

When asked if he took advantage of MTV, who found themselves over a huge barrel when they approached Bowie on Monday, the singer responded, "No. No, I'm not that kind of guy. My making people crawl days are over." [1MB QuickTime]

He may not make people crawl

anymore, but he certainly made them move with a performance Tuesday night that blended his newer material with classics such as "Fame" and "Scary Monsters." If you didn't catch the show, it will air again Sunday at 11 p.m. Here's what you'll see:

  • Quicksand
  • Jeangenie
  • I'm Afraid Of Americans
  • Look Back In Anger
  • Scary Monsters
  • Little Wonder
  • Fame
  • Hello Spaceboy
  • All The Young Dudes