Bowie Chooses Winner Of Songwriting Contest

David Bowie has selected a winner for his online-sponsored songwriting contest, as Alex Grant has been chosen to fly to New York City and participate in the sessions as Bowie records Grant's winning lyrics for "What's Really Happening."

The contest began last November, and was launched in conjunction with the unveiling of his revamped website and BowieNet, the Thin White Duke's new internet service provider.

Participants were asked to pen a few verses to music that Bowie had composed and placed on his site. An excerpt from Grant's winning lyrics included such lines as:

"Grown inside a plastic box, Micro thoughts and safety locks, Hearts become outdated clocks, Ticking in your mind."

In addition to getting to meet and hang out with Bowie, Grant will also receive a $15,000 publishing contract to secure permanent rights to the completed song, which Bowie plans to make available for free at his official website.

In related news, there are rumors that Bowie

and Placebo will make a joint appearance at the Brit Awards in London on February 16 to perform "20th Century Boy," a T-Rex song covered by Placebo for the recent "Velvet Goldmine" soundtrack.

Such a pairing would come as little surprise considering the strong bond between Bowie and the glam-influenced band (see "Placebo On The Importance Of Being Bowie"), and Bowie is widely credited with helping Placebo get its first big break in the U.K.