David Bowie Writes "Nomad" Music For Virtual Game

New music from David Bowie is on the way, but it won't be in the form of a new solo album or group project. Instead, several new Bowie tunes will be featured on the upcoming 3-D computer game, "Omikron: The Nomad Soul."

Bowie and guitarist Reeves Gabrels, who played with the veteran rocker in Tin Machine, have composed several songs for the game, and they actually (along with bassist Gail Ann Dorsey) turn up as characters in "Omikron" who are in a band that performs at locales throughout the virtual city.

"I moved right away from the stereotypical industrial game sound," Bowie explained in a statement about his involvement in "Omikron." "My priority in writing music for [the game] was to give it an emotional subtext. It feels to me as though Reeves and I have achieved that."

Bowie's wife, Iman, also appears in "Omikron" as a bodyguard for hire, and players can actually take control of the character over the course of the adventure. (In "Omikron," players must inhabit the

soul of an "incarnable" character in order to explore the city and "win" the game.)

"Omikron: The Nomad Soul" will be released on CD-ROM and other game platforms in October 1999.