Bowie Chats About His Video Doppelganger; Cancels Howard Stern Appearance

Rock and roll chameleon David Bowie reinvents himself once again with the release of his 23rd studio album, "hours…," which hits record stores Tuesday.

The passage of time plays a haunting role in both the album's first single, "Thursday's Child," and the song's surreal video, in which the 52-year-old Bowie encounters a younger version of himself, played by model Owen Beasley.

Bowie recently explained that he is considering using Beasley for more of his videos, if only so he won't have to show up to the shoots himself.

"My overall master plan, of course, is for me to stop doing videos entirely, and let the young one take over," Bowie deadpanned.

"I hate to do videos," he continued. "It's really boring. And I think somebody else should do them for me. I'm creating a [new] David Bowie to do it, so I can retire the other David

Bowie, and Davey Jones can go back to painting and doing what he wants to." [RealVideo]

The artist formerly known as David Jones (his given name) is scheduled to perform this Saturday at the Net Aid concert (see "Puff Daddy, Sting, More Join NetAid As Lineups Are Announced; Bono Talks Wyclef").

However, Bowie canceled his planned appearance on the Howard Stern radio show Tuesday morning, citing illness; a representative of his label, Virgin Records, told MTV News that it was uncertain whether or not this will affect any of Bowie's upcoming appearances, including NetAid.

To check out the action at NetAid, you can log on to on Saturday for a cybercast of the event, which kicks off at 12 noon (ET). You can also tune in to MTV News, as we'll be carrying two live reports each hour from the U.S. concert, which takes place at Giants Stadium

in New Jersey.

Unfortunately for Stateside Bowie fans, the Thin White Duke's NetAid set is planned for London, at Wembley Stadium, and he has opted not to tour this time around in support of "hours...." However, good health willing, U.S. fans will be able to catch Bowie and his current backing band on November 16 on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" and November 17 on the "Rosie O'Donnell Show."