Bowie, Grohl, Frank Black Guest On Reeves Gabrels Solo Album

You might know him from his contributions to recent efforts by Public Enemy, The Cure, or Natalie Imbruglia. Or you may recognize him as the guy who has been playing guitar for David Bowie for about a decade, both in Tin Machine and on Bowie's solo records since that group's demise.

He's Reeves Gabrels, and this week he releases his second solo album, "Ulysses (della notte)," though you won't be finding it in record stores. The album is only available as an MP3 at Gabrels' Web site (

The album's first single is "Arrow," and the album track "Jewel" features guest vocals from Frank Black, Foo Fighters frontman David Grohl, and David Bowie himself.

The seeds for "Jewel" were sown at David Bowie's all-star 50th birthday bash at New York's Madison Square Garden on January 9, 1997 (see "Bowie Marks Birthday At Madison Square Garden").

The Foo Fighters and Black were among the guests at the show, and the stage was set for the song. Gabrels explained how it came together to MTV News.

"Frank [Black] and I got together. We just got together to write a song," Gabrels began, "and [David] Grohl [was] at the birthday show... We were all in some sort of stupor at that point. Grohl was like, 'Wow, we should put [together] this alternative, like Blind Faith was... ' -- he probably doesn't even remember this -- 'like an alternative rock supergroup. Just do one record, one tour, and be done with it. We'd have a great time.'" [RealAudio]

While Gabrels, Black, Grohl, and Bowie didn't exactly go ahead and form the '90s answer to Eric Clapton, Rich Grech, Ginger Baker, and Steve Winwood, the song "Jewel" is a testament to Grohl's idea.

Gabrels plans

to tour to support "Ulysses (della notte)" next year. He has been sitting out Bowie's recent promotional dates for his new album, "hours...," though he told MTV News that he plans to work on the Thin White Duke's next album project (see "Ex-Helmet Leader To Sit In With David Bowie For Promotional Gigs").

-- Brian Ives

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