Dandy Warhols Roll Out "Bohemia" Tour, Hang With Bowie

The Dandy Warhols are gearing up for the August 1 release of their new album, "Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia," and have just kicked off a warm-up tour to help push the new single, "Bohemian Like You."

The Warhols brought their kaleidoscopic live show to New York City's Bowery Ballroom on Thursday, and the band rolled out an impressive, two-hour-plus set that included "Every Day Should Be A Holiday," "Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth," "Godless," "Shakin'," a trippy reading of the Rolling Stones classic "The Last Time," and the onstage spanking of several concertgoers plucked from the crowd.

Among the notable names who turned out for the show were Genesis P-Orridge (of Psychic TV and Throbbing Gristle) and none other than the Thin White Duke himself, David Bowie, with whom the Dandy Warhols rubbed shoulders during last month's Glastonbury Festival in the U.K.

MTV News caught up with Dandy Warhols frontman Courtney Taylor and keyboardist Zia

McCabe right after the band had returned from Glastonbury, and the two talked emphatically about their onstage and offstage audience with Bowie.

"The pressure was on [during Glastonbury], and we did it," Taylor said. "We got it working, and it was fun. We get offstage, and our tour manager is like, 'Um, I didn't want to tell you this before you went on, but David Bowie had called earlier and asked if he and his band could come over and watch you guys.' We were the only band that Bowie saw at Glastonbury, and he hasn't played there since '73.

"[Our tour manager] said, 'You've also been invited' -- 'cause he's headlining it, right -- 'to go stand offstage while he plays his set.' We're like, 'Yeah, okay, sh**.

What'll we do 'til then? Sit around

and think about it? No, let's go drinking.'

"We go over there," Taylor continued, "and [Bowie] has this balcony set up for us, and some of his friends are up there, and he's doing his set. There's, like, a quarter of a million people singing along to every word, cause he's playing 'The Man Who Sold The World,' 'All The Young Dudes,' and, like, 'Ashes To Ashes.'

"I mean, it was just a hit-fest. This man is just delivering some of the greatest songs that have ever been written in the history of humanity, and he wrote them. And he still looks at least as sexy and unbelievably powerful and beautiful as he did thirty years ago. The whole thing was such a trip.

"Zia's up there blowing bubbles onto the stage," he said. "That's a massive area, and they don't pop, they just keep floating, and she just keeps blowing bubbles."

"It was totally magic," McCabe added, "and they would float clear to the other side to the singers on the other side."

"They were huge," Taylor said. "They were popping on his head, the drummer's head. I mean, it was just funny as hell.

Zia was blowing bubbles all during our set, so you know David knew. He must have known exactly what was going on."

"Because his assistant came up and said that he loves the bubbles," McCabe said.

"He had apparently run off stage and gone, 'Yeah, [the bubbles],'" Taylor explained. "Then one of [the crew] takes me down around to the other side of the stage. I was just standing on the stage on the side and watching the rest of [Bowie's set] and there was this moment where he finishes his set and everybody goes completely nuts.

"A bunch of crew guys start to converge on the corner of the stage to

pat the band's back and give them towels as they are coming off.... He's got this mob of people around him, and he looks up and kind of catches me out of the corner of his eye and his face just turns completely at me and I just froze.

"I was just standing there, and [his] hand comes out, and he's marching at me [and says], 'Brilliant, mate. Brilliant set.' You know, all this stuff, and my hand goes up, and I'm going, 'Thank... you... Dave,'" he recalled, speaking in faux slow-motion. "And he's gone."

"It was like this strange dream, like I saw it happen before it happened and after it happened and kind of while it happened. It was David Bowie."

The Dandy Warhols' pre-release extravaganza rolls into Toronto on July 24 and Detroit on July 25 (see "The Dandy Warhols Prep American 'Bohemia' Tour").