Krayzie Bone Saddles Up For "Ghetto Cowboy," Preps Solo Release

The Mo Thugs Family newest single, "Ghetto Cowboy," has already reached the top of the Rap charts -- and now it's making a run at Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart.

"Cowboy" was produced by Bone Thugs Family's Krayzie Bone, and features Krayzie, Layzie Bone, Felecia, Thug Queen and Powder. Krayzie recently talked with the MTV Radio Network about how he kicked up his own spurs to find the song's inspiration.

"I was in there just doing the beat one day," Krayzie said, "and I was just sitting back [and thinking], 'Man, that sounds like one of those western movie songs where somebody's just talking, just narrating the story,' you know what I'm saying."

"So I just instantly thought of 'Western,'" he added, "I just went in [the studio booth] and started doing it, and everybody just followed the lead."

The hip-hop meets country-western video for "Ghetto Cowboy" was directed by adult film auteur Gregory Dark, who also handled the clip for Ice Cube's current single,

"Pushin' Weight."

In related news, Krayzie is currently in the middle of tracking material for his solo debut, "Thug Mentality," tentatively slated for release in March 1999.