Krayzie Bone Hooks Up With Mariah Carey For Solo Record

After spearheading the Mo Thugs Family to the top of the rap charts with "Ghetto Cowboy," rapper Krayzie Bone recently convened in a studio with diva Mariah Carey to cut a track for his upcoming solo album, "Thug Mentality."

Other notable names coming out for Krayzie's debut record, which is now due out in April, include Big Punisher, Fat Joe and Cuban Link from the Terror Squad, Naughty By Nature, Juvenile, MJG and Eightball.

Krayzie also handles most of the production chores on "Thug Mentality" by himself, although he did step aside to let NBN's KayGee man the boards for Krayzie's cut with Treach.

Krayzie plans to release the album's title track as the first single, and will shoot a video in Los Angeles with director Gregory Dark in the next few weeks.

Dark, who has made quite a successful transition from directing adult films to handling rap videos, previously collaborated with Krayzie on the clip for "Ghetto Cowboy" and also filmed Ice Cube's "Pushin' Weight."

The single version of "Thug Mentality" will be released to radio in February.