Bizzy Trial Won't Wrap Before The Weekend

The assault trial of Bizzy Bone in Columbus, Ohio, is not expected to go to the jury until late Monday at the earliest, according to court officials.

The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper, a.k.a. Bryon McCane, is accused of assaulting Terrance Harden, a barber student. According to testimony and reports in the Columbus Dispatch, Bizzy Bone met Harden casually once at a nightclub and again in a mall parking lot where Harden asked the rapper for contacts to help the student break into the entertainment business. They had no further contact until months later when an acquaintance of Bone's received a haircut from Harden. At that time, the student apparently made disparaging remarks about the rapper. Later, he was confronted by Bone and two bodyguards.

The plaintiff's original statement, amended at the outset of the trial, said that Bone had punched and kicked him in a stairwell at the barber school on Sept. 16 causing a back injury, scrapes and bruises. Harden told the jury,

however, that it was Bone's bodyguards who physically assaulted him and that Bone only grabbed his collar while he was being held by the guards, who have not been charged. Harden also said on the stand that Bone had not directly ordered the bodyguards to do so.

Bone's lawyer contends that Harden, who they say was known to carry a gun, had made a threatening move towards Bone when the rappers guards stepped in to protect him.

Testimony is expected to continue all day Monday. Harden is also expected to launch a civil suit against Bone.