"Felicity" Star's Bon Jovi Past Unearthed

Following the path that Courtney Cox and Alicia Silverstone cut from music videos to full-fledged stardom comes Keri Russell, the star of the new WB series "Felicity."

While the young actress is getting plenty of face time with her role in that show, MTV viewers with exceptional memories may recall her performance in a 1991 Jon Bon Jovi video for the song "Always." In the clip (which also features music video veteran Jack Noseworthy and former "Spin City" actress Carla Gugino), Russell is in the middle of a love triangle, gets some groceries tossed at her, and wears a variety of lovely and occasionally revealing outfits.

Chances are more folks caught Russell in her new role, as this week's debut of "Felicity" did well in the ratings.