Jon Bon Jovi Has Sex In The City; Band Prepares To Record

Jon Bon Jovi will be appearing in an episode of HBO's adult comedy "Sex And The City" at the end of the month.

The episode, called "Games People Play," stars the singer as a photographer who meets Sarah Jessica Parker's lead character, Carrie Bradshaw, in the waiting room of a psychiatrist's office leading to a romantic encounter. The show is scheduled to air in most areas on August 29.

The show was shot at the end of June on location in New York City at a Union Square-area restaurant and at Silvercup Studios in Queens which, coincidentally, was where Bon Jovi's very first video, "Runaway," was filmed back the early '80s.

Meanwhile, Bon Jovi (the band) has been spending time in a New Jersey studio writing and demoing new material for its next album, its first since 1995's "These Days."

The group took a long break to work on solo projects and to allow its lead singer to pursue a movie career. The band reconvened to record the song "Real Life" for the "EdTV" soundtrack

early this year (see "Bon Jovi Reconvenes For Soundtrack Song").

That song had been produced by Bruce Fairbairn, who had also been pegged to co-produce the new album along with his former assistant, Bob Rock. Fairbairn's untimely death in May put an end to those plans (see "Bruce Fairbairn Dead At 49").

Sources close to Rock confirm that the two parties have been discussing schedules, but at this stage it's not clear when Bon Jovi will be ready to record, or whether or not the band's schedule will coincide with Rock's. Rock is about to start sessions with Metallica, specifically for a live album stemming from the band's symphony concert recorded live last April, and then is set to finish BMX Girl, the new band started by former Veruca Salt-Letters to Cleo drummer Stacy Jones.

The working title for the Bon Jovi album, according to Web site posts by Jon Bon Jovi, has apparently

been "Sex Sells," which was also the working title for his since-abandoned second solo album. A spokesperson for Bon Jovi's label says it's too soon too tell if that title will be used for the LP.