Blur Retires From Touring...For The Time Being

November 17 [16:00 EDT] -- Brit pop band, Blur, has announced that they will soon retire from touring after they complete their current gigs-around-the-world jaunt.

This was news to their label stateside, Virgin Records, who when contacted on Monday, had yet to hear of the Blur-tour-retirement plan.

But on the other side of the Atlantic, Damon Albarn told "NME," the UK magazine, "This is the last time we'll play [live] for the foreseeable future." The band would evidently prefer to make a record that can be concieved in the studio without the constraints of later having to perform it on stage.

Blur is also suffering from road fatigue. "We haven't really stopped for seven years... so it feels like a good point to kick back for a little while."

Before Blur kicks back, they will complete their tour in Australia, Singapore, Bangkok, and the UK.