Blues Traveler Bassist Arrested For Cocaine Possession

September 30 [18:00 EDT] -- Blues Traveler bassist Bobby Sheehan was arrested at the Winnipeg Airport Monday night for possession of what his record label calls "a small amount of cocaine."

Winnipeg City Police claim that the "small amount" in question was two grams in this case, and the band's management notes that Sheehan is currently free after posting $1,000 Canadian in bail and an additional $4,000 Canadian in costs. Sheehan's attorney is due back in court on October 22. Winnipeg police note that the maximum penalty for importation is life imprisonment, but both the police and Sheehan¹s council say there's almost no chance such a sentence would be handed down if the bassist is found guilty.

A&M Records, Blues Traveler's label, notes that the incident will in no way effect the group's tour plans, and they will not cancel any headlining dates or shows in support of the Rolling Stones because of the arrest.