Blues Traveler Bassist Sees Charges Dismissed

Blues Traveler bassist Bobby Sheehan got some good legal news on Friday when a Canadian court issued a conditional dismissal of drug possession charges stemming from his arrest last September.

As we first reported last September (see "Blues Traveler Bassist Arrested For Cocaine Possession" in the MTV News Gallery), Sheehan was arrested at the Winnipeg Airport with what police later determined was .91 grams of cocaine as the bassist was on his way to play a date opening for the Rolling Stones.

As a condition of the dismissal, Sheehan must keep a clean record in Canada for the next two years.

Sheehan also saw the court hand down an absolute dismissal of a more serious charge of drug importation stemming from the same incident.

Sheehan's record label could not confirm reports that Sheehan was aided in his case by letters of reference from noted Canadians Dan Akroyd and Neil Young, who reportedly praised the bassist's charity work.

With this legal hurdle

behind them, Sheehan and the rest of Blues Traveler can concentrate on this summer's H.O.R.D.E. festival, which they will once again headline.