Bloodhound Gang Criticized For Insensitive Lyrics

The Bloodhound Gang may not be welcomed with open arms when the group shows up to play at an annual "Art Attack" festival on Friday at the University Of Maryland.

The group has already been criticized by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, for the Bloodhound Gang's video for "The Bad Touch."

Now, a local ad-hoc group is focusing on a rare MP3 track called "Yellow Fever," which is about Asian sex and, according to one protestor, "places minority groups back decades."

Bloodhound Gang member Jimmy Pop would beg to differ and told MTV News that the group is just in it for the laughs.

"Writing songs, we never really think about shocking anybody," Pop said. "It's the same as when we started, we just try and make ourselves laugh and have a good time when we're recording them. So, whatever comes up, comes up. You know, usually my mother doesn't like it."


The student sponsors of the Bloodhound Gang's "Art Attack" appearance at the University Of Maryland held a meeting to consider canceling the group, but as of Thursday night, the performance was still on.