Blinker The Star In Studio With Failure's Andrews

Ken Andrews of the now-disbanded Failure, is currently in the studio mixing Blinker the Star, a.k.a. Jordon Zadorozny for that artist's sophomore effort. Zadorozny is best remembered as a rumored co-writer of Courtney Love, although the end result has seen him with credits on just one song written with Love for Stevie Nicks, and just a mention on one track on Hole's "Celebrity Skin." Andrews also produced the first Blinker effort, "A Bourgeois Kitten," while a member of Failure. He disbanded the group late last year, but a Failure track can still be heard on the recently released Depeche Mode tribute album.

Andrews is also known as the singer, guitarist, producer, engineer and mixer on the Replicants self titled CD, a collaboration between members of Failure and members of Tool. On the production front, he mixed the Ednaswap single "Torn," and has recently been working on singles for their new CD. He's also produced and recorded songs for the upcoming Self album.


disbanding Failure, Andrews has signed a solo deal with Epic Records. He'll be entering the studio immediately after he wraps up the Blinker project to produce and perform on his own album.