Blink-182: Welcome To The Dude Ranch

August 27 [12:00 EDT] -- If Green Day were to have a really, really happy incarnation, it would be as Blink-182.

Hailing from the surf and skate X-Game culture of San Diego, this band's persona is prone to perpetual fun with their fast, melodic tunes. While many of their songs have break-up themes, joking is never put aside in their music. Bathroom humor reigns supreme. Singing about sleeping with Princess Leia in "A New Hope" or "growing up" in their first single "Dammit" [1.4MB QuickTime] from the trio's second album "Dude Ranch," spunk and speed are both part of the package.

In "Dammit," vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus, 25, sings about seeing his ex-girlfriend at a "sneak preview" with another guy. Friends and bandmates Tom Delonge, 21 (guitar and vocals) and drummer, Scott Raynor, 18, accompany Hoppus in the hilarious video. Co-directed by Ken Daurio and producer Darren Doane, the scenario is depicted with a goofy southern California

camp, complete with the candy counter dork who gets the girl in the end.

And don't miss the "Farinelli" movie poster behind the concession counter. The 1994 film is about an eighteenth century Italian singer who had his cajones removed so he would sing like a woman. No doubt, Blink-182 got a good laugh out of that. It's just their deluxe Butt-head brand of humor.

Perhaps their brand of humor is "WARPed," the tour Blink-182 with currently in Europe, spreading their cheeky "Dude Ranch" joy.