MTV Sports And Music Festival

NORRIS: So are you guys allowed to take part in anything here?

MARK HOPPUS, Blink 182 [Live performance, 660k QuickTime]: I'm sure if we talked to enough people we could convince somebody to let us try, but we would just really make fools out of ourselves if we tried to go out and ride the BMX track, or anything like that. I just want to help announce.

(playing announcer for BMX bikers) Okay, here he comes. He did a jump thing. He's coming around the deal there. Uh-oh, here he goes. Oh yeah.

NORRIS: You're a regular Marv Albert.

HOPPUS: He taught me everything I know.

NORRIS: Right, good to know. (They laugh)

Is there such a thing as skater fashion? Skateboard fashion?

TOM DELONGE, Blink 182: Yeah, I think that the skateboard industry has always brought out a lot of the fashion for a long time. Like the baggy pants came in and then the cargo pants. And then like the big

sneaker shoes.

BLUE HAIRED FAN: It's kind of different from the normal fashion. It's kind of more outspoken, outstanding.

FAN: Of course it's gonna be weird styles. Big baggy pants, you know, ginkos. The whole thing just goes with it.

NORRIS: Someone said that this is kind of MTV's version of Warped. Is that accurate?

KEVIN COLEMAN, Smash Mouth [Live performance, 644k QuickTime]: I wouldn't say so.

STEVE HARWELL, Smash Mouth: Warped couldn't hold your panties right now. This thing is kicking some serious butt. I'm serious. I've never been to a Warped tour... Yeah, we did in San Francisco. It was a big dust bowl. I had dirt in my teeth by the end of the day. Here, it's snowboard, it's skates, it's bikes, it's everything.

NORRIS: Are you guys seriously into skating or BMXing or any of that?

COLEMAN: We all are, but I'm scared to touch a skateboard now, because every time

I get on one, I get injured.

HARWELL: Kevin and I would rather just hang out in the strip club.

NORRIS: Oh. Well there you go.

HARWELL: Then we don't have to worry about the skateboard thing. I leave that up to those guys.

COLEMAN: As long as they have hair and spandex.

NORRIS: Strippers skateboarding would be a concept.

HARWELL: That's the thing. I want a gold pole with a skateboard and a stripper.

NORRIS: What do you guys think of this thing, of what you've seen so far?

DEXTER HOLLAND, The Offspring [Live performance, 627k QuickTime]: Well it looks like a perfect day for snowboarding. What do you think?

NOODLES, The Offspring: Oh yeah, here in Austin, Texas. Snowboarding capital of the world, I think.

HOLLAND: Hey, check it out. There's our bass player over there. (points to the bassist, who is waving and walking off in the distance with a girl)

Greg K. is the most ignored guy in rock and roll. We can't even get anyone to look at him.

NORRIS: Well, does he know her? Or...

HOLLAND: That's his new special friend.

NORRIS: Is this a perk of the Sports and Music Festival?

NOODLES: Don't let his girlfriend see that!

CRAIG MONTOYA, Everclear: I have no idea how to do any tricks. I can't even ollie, so...

GREG EKLUND, Everclear: I was gonna say, I've seen you skate and you don't skate anything like that.

ART ALEXAKIS, Everclear: I've never seen you do that flip and throw thing like that.

MONTOYA: I think a majority of kids these days are into some kind of sport from bikes to boarding.

ALEXAKIS: -- But alternative sports, not like little league or football, or more jock type sports. These are sports you can have more of an alternative lifestyle and still compete and still excel at. And I think that's what sports are about.