Smash Mouth Brave Rain While Blink 182 Enjoy Perfect Weather At VMA Opening Act

It's a question music fans (not to mention philosophy majors) may ponder for years: Why, at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards Opening Act, did the rain come down for Smash Mouth and clear up for Blink-182?

Fans crowded the outside of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York's Lincoln Center for the VMAs for hours before the ceremony's warm-up show, praying that the rain would hold off at least through the show's Opening Act. All prayers were in vain, it turned out, but few seemed to leave the scene when it started to pour.

At 6:30, Smash Mouth hit the Opening Act stage outside of the Opera House for an energetic version of their summer hit, "All Star." Steve Harwell and Co. got soaked during their brief performance to the delight of the crowd, who happily bounced throughout the one-song set.

The rain subsided soon after Smash Mouth's set, although fans of the Smashing Pumpkins may have felt rather gloomy when rumors of the past few days were confirmed with the announcement that the band's founding bass player D'arcy would be leaving the band only months after original drummer Jimmy Chamberlin rejoined (see "Smashing Pumpkins' D'arcy Leaves Band").

At 7:30, Blink-182 nervously sped their way through their hit "What's My Age Again?" Disappointing some in the audience who hoped that the band would "take it all off," or at least hop in the huge fountain outside of the Opera House, the band kept their Warped Tour uniforms (t-shirts, long shorts, and sneakers) on for their entirety of their single song set, and bolted off the stage right as soon as they were done. The band returned about fifteen minutes later (still clothed) for a rendition of their latest single, "All The Small Things," before calling it a night and making way for the main event.

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