Blink-182 Gets Anatomical For New Home Video

Prior to heading out on the road with the Aussie riff-meisters in Silverchair, the anti-boy band punksters of Blink-182 finished compiling material for a new home video, tentatively titled "The Urethra Chronicles."

A companion to the band's 1999 platinum-selling LP, "Enema Of The State," the new home video collects all of Blink-182's music clips as well as some previously unreleased live footage.

In a recent interview with the MTV Radio Network, guitarist Tom Delonge and bassist Mark Hoppus talked about the home video, which Delonge initially wanted to call "The Diary of the Butt."

"Mark didn't like 'The Diary of the Butt' part," Delonge said.

"Yeah," Hoppus agreed while laughing. "I didn't like 'The Diary of the Butt."

"It hit too close to home," Delonge added.

"So we have a home video coming out before Christmas," Hoppus continued, "and it's a look back, and also a look ahead."

"How about a look at now," Delonge wondered aloud.

"A look inside Blink-182," Hoppus said.

"A look inside," Delonge said, "rectally." [RealAudio]

Look for Blink-182's "The Urethra Chronicles" to arrive in stores in the next few weeks.