Mel B. Speaks With Prince, Seeks Lauryn Hill And Mary J. Blige For Solo Record

While Scary Spice, a.k.a Melanie Brown is currently winding down the Spice Girls' summer tour, she is already beginning to cast her eye both to the new Girls album, as well as her own solo record, which she hopes to release next year.

Mel B. is already building a studio in her home in England, and says that she will bring her collaborators into her home to record most of the album, which she says will have more of an R&B flavor.

Some of Mel B.'s music idols and favorites she is attempting to peg for her album, include Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige and Prince, of whom Mel spoke about last week.

"I think everybody's a fan of Prince's music," Brown told the MTV Radio Network, "I think [his career] has been going for such a long time that he's a bit of a legend, really. But who knows what we'll do together. You never really know until you get in the studio and see what the vibe is like." [150k Audio]

In other Spice solo news, Mel B. also said that Baby Spice recently did some work with Rod Stewart and that Mel C. is working on a project with Bruce Willis. The Spice Girls tour plays the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, tonight.