Lauryn Hill Re-Teams With Blige And Santana, Faces Royalty Suit Over "Miseducation"

Fugees singer Lauryn Hill rounded up Mary J. Blige and veteran guitarist Carlos Santana for guest spots on her solo album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill," and now the singer is ready to repay those favors.

Hill will chime in on a couple of tracks on Blige's next album, as well as a pair of tunes on the next Santana opus, both of which are due out early next year. Hill herself will be shooting a new video this month for "Ex-Factor," and is also planning to launch a headlining U.S. tour in January.

In related news, four musicians have come forward and filed a multi-million dollar federal lawsuit against Hill and her record company, claiming they weren't properly credited or paid for their work on "Miseducation," according to the Associated Press.

The plaintiffs are seeking approximately a third of the royalties earned so far from Hill's record, which their lawyers estimate at $6 million to date. No word yet on when the case might come to trial, but we'll keep you