George Michael, Mary J. Blige Get Multiplied For Video

George Michael and Mary J. Blige recently teamed up to shoot an effects-heavy video for their remake of the Stevie Wonder nugget "As."

However, whether or not the clip will roll out Stateside is still up for debate. The track appears on the import version of "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Best of George Michael," but does not turn up on the U.S. version. Blige's record label, MCA, would not give Michael's label, Epic, permission to use the track, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming an overseas hit or creeping out to U.S. radio stations.

A spokesman for Michael says the video's complex visual effects, which are used to fill a dance club with hundreds of versions of Michael and Blige, required more than 1500 hours of postproduction. The video premiered in the U.K. on Thursday.