Kid Rock, Mary J. Blige To Appear In IMAX Film

Kid Rock, Mary J. Blige, Santana, and Sheryl Crow are all headed to screens near you in the near future....some very big screens, that is.

Those artists, along with Macy Gray, Phish's Trey Anastasio, Sting, Moby, Parliament-Funkadelic's George Clinton, and B.B. King have all signed on to appear in the IMAX concert movie "All Access," due out next year.

Film producers Jon and Peter Shapiro took advantage of some of the talent amassed in Los Angeles for last week's Grammy Awards and shot some of the nominees' performances on February 22-25 in front of a live audience at the city's Grand Olympic Auditorium.

Additional "All Access" sequences with other musicians are expected to be filmed over the next few months, and the film is currently scheduled to premiere in conjunction with the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards in February 2001.

IMAX films are noted for their immense size and scope, as the 15/70 film frame used by the IMAX projection system is three times

the size of a standard 70 mm frame. Typical IMAX film screens are more than 80 feet high, and there are currently more 200 IMAX theaters spread across 25 countries.