Mary J. Blige Makes New Music For The Ladies

Mary J. Blige plans to head out the road for another round of U.S. concerts in May and June, and the soul singer is also lining up another stint of studio sessions to finish material for her new album, tentatively set for release in the fall.

The working title of Blige's forthcoming LP is "Mary, Volume 2," suggesting a link to Blige's previous, multi-platinum "Mary" record from 1999. Blige recently told the MTV Radio Network that while the new album isn't really a continuation of "Mary," she does say that it's being crafted specifically for the ladies.

"I put it together to be the answer to all of the woman's pain," Mary said of her next album. "And [to show] how we are going to get through, even though we're still going to go through all kind of madness, 'cause that's life. But as long as we know something bad [is] coming, we can deal with it, because life is going. We're livin', you know."


Blige is currently firming up her tour itinerary and has only confirmed dates in Universal City, California on May 13 and June 11, and Cleveland on June 9. Look for a complete list of tour dates to surface in the next few weeks.

Prior to heading out on the road, Blige plans to swing by NBC's "Tonight Show With Jay Leno" for a live appearance on May 11.

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